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Плакат Рванная бумага Постер Klaus Staeck and Götz Gramlich (gggrafik) poster exhibition at Villa Nachttanz, 2015

Basta!L'informazione (intesa come voglia di conoscenza e di verità) è una delle armi a nostra disposizione per incrinare il sistema della criminalità organizzata. La parola "Basta", espressione viscerale dell'esasperazione, emerge dagli spazi negativi ch…

"Against.Brutality" love the use of newspaper clippings for a textured look and pattern that relates to the message of this poster :)

Today I Love This

Nike: “Turn Chaos into Control”This is a study in typography. The ways in which the letterforms smear and distort are powerful. The best graphic design is design you hear as well as see.

Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias /

Poster by Xavier Esclusa / Twopots Design Studio. A series of self advertising posters for Twopots Design Studio We bank on simplicity, we love the Swiss line of design We believe that less is more. Simple but visually powerful, that's what defines our&

Neubau / Neubau Akademie™ / Poster / 2016

After the successful release of Neubau’s popular NB International™ Pro in let’s introduce its conceptual successor:NB Akademie™ Std/ProNB Akademie™ is a contemporary grotesque type system designed by Stefan Gandl comprising of 20 styles: Light, …

b-ceausescu:  Coming Back

Symmetry Symptom is an online mood board for inspiration and promotion of good design. Focusing on graphic design, photography, architecture, typography, illustration and fashion.

Tranzitdisplay, poster designed by Edwin Bonnaffé (2011) –Type OnlyUnit Editions

TRANZITDISPLAY POSTER Students of graphic design department at gerrit rietveld academie (amsterdam, nl) present process and results of their work. Poster silkscreened NEWS ------------------- Nous sommes ravis de vous inviter.