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No heat hairstyle :) - One of my favourite no heats. If you wet your hair so its a bit damp, and twist your hair (gently) tightly, you get more defined long lasting curls.

If you’re not a morning person, then getting ready for school or work as the sun is coming up is not easy, to say the least. Trying to get dressed, do your makeup, do your hair, get your stuff together, eat some breakfast, and make it to wherever you want to be on time while … Read More

18 Overnight Hair Tutorials That Will Let You Wake Up With Perfect Curls

Want to wake up with perfectly curly hair? Here are 18 overnight hair tutorials for no-heat curls and waves that will make getting ready in the morning faster.

This picture shoes hoe to step by step get loose curls or waves by twisting your hair and using a straightener to go over it. This is useful because now I know how to curl my hair by this effortless technique.

Beauty hack: A flat iron can also be used to create waves faster. Simply twist hair and tie it with a ponytail, then press your flat iron over the entire ponytail.

Curly hair takes time and means heat damage to your locks, right? Actually, not so much. Heatless curls are possible and they’re not only time-saving, but cause much less damage to your hair than using a curling iron or curling wand. Using simple aids like bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties, you can create gorgeous curls without the harm. Check out ten ways to create flawless DIY no heat curls. Your hair will thank you!

Heatless Curls That Last: 10 Looks We Love

Create gorgeous curls without damaging your hair with this collection of 10 different ways to get heatless curls that last!

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Braid your hair, then heat it up by pressing a flat iron over it to make imperfect waves. 24 Super-Simple Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy

Train your hair to be less greasy

You Can Actually Train Your Hair to Be Less Greasy—Here's How

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