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Steam-punk Layton

OKAY so I actually want to touch up and finish this piece one day, but until then, steampunk Layton and Luke can reside in my Scraps gallery.

Into the Great Wide Open by zillabean on deviantART

More playing around in Paint Tool Sai, still trying to get used to it. Into the Great Wide Open

Actions. Rage Comic: Professor Layton by ~doodlegarmander on deviantART - I DIDN'T KNOW ANYBODY ELSE DID THIS

Rage Comic: Professor Layton by ~doodlegarmander on deviantART <--- Well, this is extremely accurate.

This is the best ever <<< Sycamore: RAMOND! The stupid puns are MY field!

It's funny when Professor Sycamore gets mad at Raymond for his puns because Professor Sycamore makes even worse puns.

Randall-For some reason this particular picture of him just makes me really happy. :D

//Professor Layton, Miracle Mask, Mask of Miracles, Randall

Did I already pin this? 0_o I feel like I've already pinned this...

Who's excited for the localization of mystery room too bad i don't have an ios or i would probably get this the minute it releases.