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How To Recycle Old Bath Towels. We have a Swiffer at home that goes through the disposable pads like crazy. This is a great idea to save money on cleaning supplies.

No need to buy swiffer replacements. Just get an old hand wash towel. No need to use velcro or sew ends, could used rubber bands and attached the "arms" and "legs" of the H around the Swiffer.  G;)

Recycled Bath Towels - clever ways on how to reuse and repurpose towels. Using an old towel instead of disposable Swiffer cloths is good on the budget and the environment - via How to Recycle

Want to make your car shine inside? Check out these car cleaning tips from the pros!

Want To Make Your Car Shine Inside Check Out These Car Cleaning Tips From The Pros Cartips Cleaninga

DIY SPIDER KILLER - Spray bottle, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, dawn dish detergent, white vinegar.

DIY SPIDER KILLER - Natural Remedy to keep spiders out of your home for good ! -Empty Spray Bottle -Essential Oil, Peppermint drops) -Essential Oil, Tea Tree drops) -Dish Soap drops) -White Vinegar (optional) (tablespoon -warm water shake and use

This Graphic Shows You How to Repair Common Clothing Problems

This Graphic Shows You How to Repair Common Clothing Problems

Laundry tips with Baking Soda.pdf - Google Drive

baking soda tips, cleaning organization, Free printable for your laundry room to remember all the ways you can use baking soda in your laundry

Equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a scrubby to wash the tub after each use.  Find a dish wand with a hole in the end so it can be hung right in the tub.

What You Need: Dish Wand (got mine at the dollar store!) Dish Soap Vinegar Simply fill your wand with half soap and half vinegar. Shake it up and get cleaning! I hung mine up in the shower using a suction cup/hook thing