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The girl of the forest

red-lipstick: “ Sam Wolfe Connelly - Once Drifted, 2013 Drawings: Graphite, Carbon on Paper One of 13 new pieces for his show Nocturne opening Friday, Feb 2013 at Roq La Rue in Seattle,.


“Horror films don’t really do anything for me anymore because I’ve already seen the most terrifying things I already could.” - Quote from sleep paralysis sufferer

'Solitaire' by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Find out more about Sam and see more of his powerful art in his interview at wowxwow.com. (draw, drawing, dark art, emotion, fear, creepy, figurative, horror, illustration, illustrator, mystery, narrative, painitng, story, storytelling, new contemporary art)

Art by Sam Wolfe Connelly Sam Wolfe Connelly is a New York-based artist, known for his paintings and illustrations that are vivid renditions of the unknown, placed into surreal yet oddly familiar.

Таинственный случай на небольшой поляне

That Awkward Moment in Horror, Part The Taking of Deborah Logan and the “egg-swallowing snake demon” possession phenomenon

"Cold Wind" by Nicola Griffith, illustration by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Old ways can outlast their usefulness.

“Cold Wind,” by Nicola Griffith, is a dark fantasy tale about a woman who enters a Seattle bar on a cold wintry night in the midst of the Christmas holidays, searching for something .

"Betwixt the Quarry Stones" Sam Wolfe Connelly graphite 2015 http://ift.tt/2ddWfax

"Betwixt the Quarry Stones", Sam Wolfe Connelly, graphite, 2015

a forest

larapaulussen: “Currently I’m rereading the harry potter books. Heres Harry and Hermione in the forbidden forest near the end of book one.

Color!  By Hiroshi Yoshida.

Modern Japanese block prints - Shin Hanga - move me like no other form of art. They have sensitive, wonderful use of color, profoundly beautiful (yet simple) compositions, gorgeous light, an unmatched sympathy for nature and atmosphere.

吉田博「帆船 朝」大正十五年  #近代浮世絵

24 Japanese Woodblock Prints That Will Take Your Breath Away

Hiroshi Yoshida, Sailing Boats: Morning 1926 (from The Inland Sea Series), Japanese woodblock print


Cosmolites by dinmoney on DeviantArt. Concept scene for Infinity The Game. Cosmolites finding a structure on an a supposedly uninhabited jungle planet. Cosmolites © 2010 Infinity The Game, all rights reserved