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Journey Through the TARDIS, Clara + The Doctor

I was glad to see some of the casual affection the Doctor had with some previous companions finally develop with Clara. His worries about her was preventing the hand-holding and hugs he always had with everyone else.

Clara: Now you're creeping me out...//  The Doctor: Take a wheel. Not the wheel. I'll make it easy. Shut it down to basic mode for you...//  Clara: Basic? 'Cause I'm a girl?...// The Doctor: No! {snickers behind her back}

// The Doctor: Take a wheel. Shut it down to basic mode for you. 'Cause I'm a girl?// The Doctor: No! {snickers behind her back}

Why am I pinning something like this?!?!

I cannot even explain how much pain this gives my heart. They are fictional characters why am I crying? Oh my heart!

i love how greatly they explained this

Clara Oswin Oswald: The Impossible Girl. She was born to save The Doctor. "Run you clever boy, and remember me!"(see thats the thing, everyone says its run you clever boy, and remember.

When I first watched this scene, I had to rewind and watch it again on account of the fact that it made me giggle and also cause matts hair.

Newsflash: Carstens Matt Smith hair is reversible. When Matt flips his hair, he…

'But I am real' 'Bye' Sassy doctor

Robot Of Sherwood - "For a lifetime. or six months in your case." The Doctor does not have the best bedside manner.

Can you pretend like I'm totally a space alien and explain?

"Can you pretend like I’m totally a space alien and explain?" The Rings of Akhaten

Oppa Tenant Style!

Heeeeyy my companion. Or Oppa Doctor Styly. Heeeeey I'm Captain Jack. Or Oppa Doctor Style. Heeeey I'm Jack Harkness.

I hope Clara comes back for twelves regeneration, even tho she wasn't my favorite companion. It's just sorta become a tradition (with Ten seeing rose one last time *cries* and "raggedy man goodnight" *cries more*)

The first face sees - Doctor Who " The Time of the Doctor " - The Doctor and Clara

*SOB* I loved this scene. The Doctor got to see Amy one last time.

My heart dropped to the floor.

Matt Smith and David Tennant's faces are beautiful. And if you don't agree then you're wrong.

Time Lord Lightbulb Moment - Oh! This made me so happy! I loved seeing John Hurt pull some goofy playfulness out of his hat. That was when I knew that the War Doctor was still the Doctor.

29 Undeniable Reasons The Doctor And Clara Are In Love. Please no hate.

29 Undeniable Reasons The Doctor And Clara Are In Love

Sure, he might be married to River, but she& also dead. I can& be the only person who noticed an awful lot of romantic tension. We know Eleven is touchy, but this stuff is just blatant. Whouffle or Clara x Eleven ftw!


"I'm Matt Smith and I play The Doctor." "I'm David Tennant and I play The Doctor!" And Matts' so happy.