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collage, cares

collage, cares

Backyard Art: Summer wrap up with Monet, self portraits and garden gallery stroll

ALUMNES DE 3r (8-9 ANYS) Quants colors, textures, formes, objectes podem trobar en una revista! És una font inesgotable d'idees per a crear el que vulguem. Pensem en un personatge amb les seves caract

CARES COLLAGE (Plastiquem)

cat collage love the boarders tie to: collage

COLLAGE  - Alumnes de 4t (9-10 anys)      L'artista Hanoch Piven  és una icona del món creatiu  i cultural israelí  que ha desenvolupat...

Mask using collage

Collage gezichten met gebruik van kranten en tijdschriften.

collage faces using newspaper and magazines

3rd grade photo "humanimal" montages | by wimomz/kari

Collage faces start collecting magz now! Reminder of what I have not done in a few years!


toilet paper roll, tape aluminum foil to inside, paper maché outside, paint

lijn Frøslev

Billedkunstner og freelance underviser www.

8d132fbfa21ae359ef49351d8dd56fbc.jpg 566×800 pikseliä

everyone gets a photocopy of mona and then they draw a figure shape around her in ink. colour in with watercolour

Love this for a first project - identity collage

Collage Week- A good idea for the beginning of the year to get to know your students. You can hang them up on your bulletin board to display student work and show who your students are.

animals surrealistes

Maybe use for idea for name tag art.

Mona Lisa Parodies - cute, and could be adapted for lots of fun projects

Mona Lisa Parodies - Sub lesson, collage