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quella bestia a due gambe si ergeva in piedi davanti a me .


[Red Fox - How can you not love these beautiful creatures! Howz could yoo notz luv us?

The daily Fox on Twitter: "I will stay in bed today #dailyfox…

The daily Fox on

Cute Foxie :-> beautiful-wildlife: Der Schlaf des Gerechten by Marcel Castelli

earth-song:  "A Stare" by Konsta Punkka

Photographer Konsta Punkka Photographer Captures Enchanting Snapshots of Himself Feeding Wild Animals - My Modern Met

Ugh... cheeze

Mafia fox -- "So, we're gonna put a hit on rabbit, see, and then mouse gets it next. You in bugsie?

Red Fox by guy looks like he's up to no good.:

For my friend, Karen/Kodak. Red fox, peering at the world's luckiest…