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la mejor publicidad exterior - Cerca amb Google

50 Brilliant Billboard Ads That Will Stop You In Your Tracks (And What You Can Learn From Them) – Design School

yahoo ads offline

mail, Carry Heavy Attachments - Really clever idea. But way to complicated to get while driving.

Ambients enormes para promocionar un festival de cine de animación

Advertising installation promoting an animated film festival and screening of King Kong in Ho Chi Min City. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, Vietnam.


30 ejemplos de Publicidad de Guerrilla en espacios públicos

This billboard ad was designed for Prestige Omega Cookware and it portrays a strong handle of Prestige cookware.

Ejemplos de Publicidad Creativa (Parte 2)

Great guerrilla marketing strategy, showing how Apple with its apps can suit to so many kind of people 🔝

DUCT TAPE! We all know you can fix darn near anything with it. Here's proof! Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.

Las Vallas más Creativas

The ad is very creative in its demonstration of the uses for duct tape. Here the billboard creates the illusion that it is being held together by the tape itself.

You've gotta love New York baby! HBO Sopranos Ad. God I miss The Sopranos every week!

Guerrilla Advertising in New York for the Sopranos. This is a funny stunt which is extremely intriguing to a passerby who happens to see the arm hanging from the taxi boot. This encourages them to look at the sticker and see that the arm is fake.

cool Tide detergent knows how to let their customers  know that they can get rid of t...

I really like this ad. It gives its exact point right from when u see the animal and then the Tide logo. Also the stripes/spots of each animal are laying on the ground as if they lost them. Well done

awesome public awareness poster ads

Soo true hehe 20 Clever Indian Impressionable Public Awareness Poster Ads That Redefine Creativity

Exemplos Criativos Marketing de Guerrilha | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

A great way to get people to reach for your product, design stickers that go with the door handles. That’s what Tyskie Beer did. When you reach to open the door, Tyskie makes it looks like you are actually reaching for a refreshing Tyskie beer.