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Ice-Cream Dream (Summer)

Ice-Cream Dream (Summer)

Fabian Ciraolo  Coffee!

It's true. a cup of tea does wonders. if you're having a headache, drinking a cup of tea always helps ! Even after a long busy day at the office I notice once I'm sipping on some tea then everything is alright :))

planetary mural

Stella Maria Baer is a painter and photographer originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work she explores the mythology of the desert and the cosmology of space.

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I propose you to discover the psychedelic creations of Justin Mays, aka Maysgrafx, an American designer and animator based in Los Angeles, who mixes digital

Daniel astronaut "you're so down to earth and I'm up here in the stars Ashley scuba diver "ill show you the ocean if you take me to mars


"Dreaming is out of the box thinking." Introspection by Alexandra Douglass. I want this print so badly, or better, a stretched canvas print of it.

grafika howl's moving castle, anime, and Howl

Howl's Moving Castle : Fallen Star by Naoko-Miharu : Print Out and Put on Canvas - in this movie you can connect to the character of Howl in so many different ways and I want to remember that through seeing this photo in my living room

Release others’ expectations. If you focus on what others expect of you, you’ll continue to act on and attract more of what they desire for you. But when you can shift your inner thoughts to what you intend to create and attract into your life, you will no longer have to give mental energy to what others want for you.” Dr Wayne Dyer

rfmmsd: Artist: Joanna Wędrychowska “Nature’s Embrace” Watercolor, Masking Fluid, White Acrylic on Watercolor Paper Girl Reference: Marta Bevacqua Photography

Fairy perched on cliff edge

A Fairy with Golden Monarch Wings deep in the forest blows fairy dust upon the Monarch Butterflies below.