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Levitas by AbelPhee on DeviantArt

Levitas the Winchester  As a courier and a non-fighting breed, I figured Winchesters would be built lean and light for quick and fast flights.Poor little Lev.

Whyyy am I not flying? by Kerneinheit.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Another random dragon. At least now I& a little more sure about me NOT messing up all the trades and requests. The only problem is tnat I can& draw wings, when someone is flying.

"There are dragons in the north." Lei gazed out over the horizon as if she could see them there. She had been so far that the sun had stayed in the sky for days and nights, and the great beasts would cast shadows larger than her ship.

theamazingdigitalart: Dragon sketch by Swang . - theamazingdigitalart: “Dragon sketch by Swang .

Transitions by quinnk.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Female Tree-Warrior of the Tribe of Lurking Shadows. 31 years old. Wary, cautious, and usually takes the safe side of things. She doesn't like surprises and likes to keep a watchful eye out. Rp by me.

Rayeir Reference Sheet by Skysealer.deviantart.com on @deviantART

FINALY i desided to sit down and color this one. I drew it togheter with the other dragon bugs () but my interest for them ran out and thus i dident color it. Untill now! Dragonfly dragon I.

Elder Dragon by xxFuria on DeviantArt

Elder Dragon by xxFuria on DeviantArt (.he really looks like an elder!

Hydra Knot by DemonML on DeviantArt

Had this idea that Hydras are just timid snake-dragon babies and would cuddle up with one another when frightened. Jeeze I think I started this like Hydra Knot