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El Gato Felix (Felix The Cat)

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Που είστε όλοι; Πάλι μόκο; Ακόμα κι εγώ που είμαι διάσημος και δεν έχω ανάγκη κανέναν.... έχω σκάσει μαζί σας.... Με αγάπη Duffy Duck....  © Mona Perises

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felix the cat -

FELIX THE CAT - Patrick "Pat" Sullivan - 1933 was an Australian cartoonist, pioneer animator and film producer, best known for producing the first Felix the Cat silent cartoons.

Felix The Cat

Life is Just a Bag of Tricks - Felix the Cat . Felix the Cat debuted in 1919 making him one of the oldest cartoon characters, though still the dispute remains whether Felix was created by Pat Sullivan or Otto Messmer.

Felix the Cat…The wonderful, wonderful cat…Whenever he gets in a fix…He reaches into his bag of tricks…Felix the Cat…The wonderful, wonderful cat…You'll laugh so much your sides will ache…Your heart will go pit-a-pat…Watching Felix the wonderful cat.

Felix the Cat ==He has literally been around since the silent film era of the…

Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

Felix The Cat is a hugely underrated cartoon cat, and I'm a big fan of his surreal adventures. There are many Felix shows over the years, but my favorit. The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat!

Cartoon ....Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat!

Felix the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat, whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks!