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L-shaped garden beds with beautiful semi-Gothic arbor. Even better if there are two, one at each & to the veg. Possibly enclose the whole patch with trellis walls, so you can grow more verticals, AND keep out the blasted pooping cats!

Shade, privacy and seating for your deck or patio

How to Build an Arbor with Built-in Benches

Arbor with Built-in Benches----Trellis, Planter Boxes, Bench (DIY) * (Fire Pit area by garden-opening facing N and rail sides to S and E - hang herbs from rail side backs to the S & E) (Step Back Patio)

Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with very little work from the gardener. Creating a lasagna bed will result in soil that is alive with microorganisms, your plants will thrive.  Step 8 - Picture of Subsquent layers

How to Build a Lasagna Bed

How to layer material for a raised bed garden without importing expensive potting mix & topsoil: Layer: Straw mulch Compost Newspaper/ cardboard Grass clippings Rough mulch Branches Lasagne gardening?

nice Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans

Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans

Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans -- archway trellis/gate for entry. Planted with pole beans, it would be pretty as well as functional! Needs a gate though to keep out bunnies.

Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans-49  ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit http://ownerbuiltdesign.com

awesome 15 Excellent DIY Backyard Decoration & Outside Redecorating Plans 9 Home Sweet Home Pots - Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

DIY Easy Garden Obelisk

DIY Easy Garden Obelisk

DIY Garden Arbor Ideas!  •  Learn how to build a simple garden arbor!

How to Build a Simple Garden Arbor

Garden fence ideas and design

10+ Garden Fence Ideas That Truly Creative, Inspiring, and Low-cost

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds - use cedar fence pickets to build these cheap and fast!!!

Cedar raised bed make gardening easier, more accessible, more economical, and more efficient. But often a cedar raised bed can cost hundreds of dollars. With this plan, I figured out how to create raised cedar beds - deep ones - for about 10 each.

Grape Arbor Plans | Inspire Your Garden With A Trellis | Dig This Design

Inspire Your Garden With A Trellis

How yo build.your own compost bin.  http://www.practicallyfunctional.com/how-to-build-a-diy-compost-bin/#_a5y_p=2000543

"This DIY compost bin is sturdy, easy to open, has good airflow, and latches closed to keep out critters! Free plans full tutorial here!" Goal: Build a compost bin


Garden Planter / Box for your Herbs and Vegetable Garden with Trellis or for a beautiful climbing rose or some other climbing flowers - just have to get someone to build one.

raised bed plans

Raised garden bed, with a design that keeps it away from the ground. Hopefully is a bit more critter/ground-water resistant.( So big dog can't pee on it!

How to Build a Simple Garden Arbor instructions and materials list from http://thegardenglove.com

How to Build a Simple Garden Arbor

DIY Garden Arbor Ideas Build it for your ceremony and have a memory that will last for years.