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v e r d e c h a c o: Orejas de elefante / Alocasia

v e r d e c h a c o: Orejas de elefante / Alocasia

Philodendron selloum2.jpg

Philodendron selloum2.jpg

Clematis: prefer roots in the ground and kept cool and well mulched.  Tops like at least 6 hrs of sunlight.  They climb by wrapping their leafe stems around something.  Use fishing line or twine to give it something to hold onto when using a trellis.

How to Grow Clematis - Gardener's Supply

euphorbia trigona

African Milk Tree (Euphorbia trigona): see it and grow it

Opuntia Subulata – Alfileres de Eva o Chumbera Fina

Opuntia subulata o Chumbera fina

Schefflera arboricola leaves close #arboricola #plant... Care for http://plantandflowerinfo.com/plant_care_arboricola

Arboricola house plant and flowers care. Good care tips and advice, how to keep your indoor potted arboricola houseplants green and growing.