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TRUST ME I'M A GEEK GIRLS T-SHIRT  $22.50 to $28.50  Why do they only have these for women?

Yea I'm a total geek. I often get ridiculed for my geeky interests but hey ho thats me :)

I'm The Geek TShirt Boyfriend Wishes TShirt Geek by IceCreamTees, $14.99

I'm The Geek T-Shirt Boyfriend Wishes T-Shirt Geek Tee Geek Shirt I'm The Geek Your Boyfriend Wishes You Were T-Shirt

59 Clever T-Shirts Every Geek Will Appreciate

That's No Moon - BustedTees - That's No Moon Goodnight mice, goodnight birds, goodnight every animal on this planet, goodnight everyone and goodnight all life everywhere. Star Wars Stormtrooper T-shirt death star

Sailor Scout Sailor Moon tee from Hot Topic featuring Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus!  More info and links on where to buy this Sailor Moon tee can be found here: http://www.moonkitty.net/buy-new-sailor-moon-tshirts.php

Sailor Moon T-Shirt, Tank Top & Sublimation Top Shopping Guide

Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi Girls T-Shirt - wish this was available when i was a kid

Winchester FBI Agents

Introverts unite in occasionally, in small groups, for very limited periods of time. Don't let those weird extroverts take all the glory, we introverts deserve respect as well!

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I'm going to need this after today's Segway ride. 😀 Paul Blart ain't got nuttin' on me!

Vitamin Sea Loose Tee

Nerdy loose tee - white / xs