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Michael I love you because you're not the same as other artist that I know of you're a very unique man that i can look up to may youre soul ever rest in peace for no matter what you're music will forever in my heart


When Michael Jackson died, one of my cousins said she "cried and cried" My Moma and I were talking about this later on, and my mother stated, "Michael Jackson was everybody's boyfriend.

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years ago we lost one of our brightest lights and it has been a darker world ever since.” Taj Jackson today in social media.

Michael Jackson. I'm more open minded to him, but I truthfully believe the accusations against him, so I'll talk about him, but be ready for me to call his a kiddy rapist and make a lot of jokes at his expense...

Micheal Jackson was born upon of August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, UNITED STATE. He is widely referred to as 'Master of Pop'. He is a multi gifted artist functioned as a Singer, Professional dancer and also Actor.

There goes that Incredible Smile

Michael Jackson Bad Era (Cant pin for a while, got in trouble at school so no more social media for a while)

You give me butterflies inside, inside and I... ღ

You give me butterflies inside, inside and I... ღ

Michael Jackson History 2 - A spectacular musical tribute to the King of Pop - giving audiences the chance to relive the legend. HIStory is the recreation of what the fans crave - a Michael Jackson concert.

Michael Jackson Bad Tour Rehearsals

young, attractive, determined, motivated and inspirational. The Peter Pan of the stage.