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The Originally strange

““A story of an alliance forged in bravery and friendship that lives to this day…”” Geez! But I hope you like this little gifset(sorry for the bad queality)…(Also enjoy little Merida.

Video - Just too fun.  The Big Four - The Movie. OMG SO AWESOME i absolutely love all of the stuff with these 4

So I don't normally get into things like this but this is awesome! Big Four movie trailer - EXTREMELY well done & realistic! Gave me goosebumps! MUST WATCH!

The Big Four by Milady666.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons (also known as RotBTD, The Big Four or RBTD ) is a crossover.

I like the idea of the big four but just a group of unlikely friends, none of the shipping going on because they still have their own separate stories. I wanna make my own crossover with them but Rapunzel still has Eugene and  hiccup has Astrid and merida is single and Jack has tootn. But maybe add frozen ppls, helsa and kristanna.

The Big Four Stargazers. From the friendship fandom called Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Jack Frost, Hiccup, Merida, and Rapunzel

The Big Four Cap2 AU by Milady666. This is totally cool. Love the Big Four's roles. Though personally, I'd want Hiccup's and Jack's roles reversed. But that's just me. lol XD

Capitan America: the Winter Soldier and The Big Four. The Winter Soldier/Hiccup, Captain America/Jack Frost, that nurse -agent/Rapunzel, Black Widow/Merida

Frozen/The Big Four -- THIS IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frozen AU - Burned (The Big Four) by I think that Jack should have been Hans and Hiccup Kristoff. Hiccup's too Hiccup-y to be Hans.

hogwarts au the big four - Google Search-well.... Just my opinion, but I think Hiccup would be better in Ravenclaw.

RotBTD Hogwarts AU i think hiccup should be ravenclaw and rapunzel should be hufflepuff tho

The Big Four>>>>>Lol I pinned each individual picture right before this

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom is the only completely headcannon based fandom

The Big Four: I Am The Real Rapunzel! by ~ZaraSkypainter on deviantART ...heehee, Toothless!! :D

Normally I strongly dislike *cough* hate *cough* the "big four" . ~ Tangled, Rise of the Guardians, Brave, How to Train Your Dragon