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First draw uploaded ~ A tatto design request by a friend i made ,based in the cover art of the japanese band Dir en grey 『輪郭』.

Kyo, Dir en grey

Kyo, Dir en grey

薫さん,Dir en grey, Kaoru

薫かわいいぼっと on

Dir en grey, Kyo, tattoos

I’m slowly but surely getting the diru features I missed while I was out of work this one finally came in today! THIS is exactly what I would have liked for the Kaoru feature tbh :/ .

Dat tiger.   Inevitably, 'Dem pubes.'  But in all seriousness, check out that tiger.

One of the many tattoos Kyo of Dir en Grey has.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Tattoos | nam myoho renge kyo tattoo designs http wwwmyspacecom dark raiju

I've always heard that white tattoos require more touch-ups. Although that depends largely on the tattoo artist too.

Mirko Sata

Mirko Sata