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BTS | V RAP MONSTER and SUGA We are all Suga in this situation

BTS hat ein Schaden und suga denkt sich bestimmt so verdammt mit welchen…

BTS || DNA fanart

BTS /// fanart /// /// everyone plrase let's just appreciate this pure talent right here (♡●♡) xx

© | ⇇ ☽✿☾ ⇉ ℓσѕt ιη αη σ¢єαη σf thσυhtѕ αвσυt уσυ ⇇ ☽✿☾ ⇉

bts reactions

BTS Imagine When Jin reveals that Jungkook likes you //Omg, poor Jin

I want this displayed in my wall please thank you

Seriously love they won a Billboard, their reactions when they win make me teary!

The closer they are, the honest they can be with each other | BTS | Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rapmon | Jimin | V | Jungkook

Perks of being the strongest one. Just lift people out of the way and carry on

Especially those two...the one with red and the other with black hair!;)

the one with red and the other with black hair!

I don't have to say anything Yoongi's face is describing my feels XD

Saving for yoongi's expressions.just look at his face