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drawing by Zach Howard

This is the cover for the upcoming mini-series from Dark Horse. We are doing two different color versions of it for print. I normally don't like to leav.

Alien life cycle - Da Vinci style | HR Giger's famous nightmarish alien.

yautjalife: “ “Alien Life Cycle, Da Vinci Style” Art by Elkin Salamanca ” awesome

Love this art nouveau take on a movie poster for Aliens.

A Gallery of Art Nouveau Movie Posters and Such

Samuel Ho - "Featured at an art show called Sci Fi Lullabies, the outline for the artists was to reinterpret an old sci-fi movie however you see fit. I chose the movie Aliens and mixed it up with a lil Mucha and campy videogame cartridge art.


All-New Predator, Alien, AvP and Prometheus Comics on the Way - Comic Vine