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PokeDex Smartphone, anyone?

Funny pictures about Greatest Idea Ever. Oh, and cool pics about Greatest Idea Ever. Also, Greatest Idea Ever photos.

To Catch A Skyrim Thief

To Catch a Skyrim Thief. from Dorkly. rti' MIE To Catch a Skyrim Thief from Dorkly rti' MIE

Video juegos vs. vida real.

Funny pictures about Videogames vs. Oh, and cool pics about Videogames vs. Also, Videogames vs.

I have no Idea why I laughed so hard!

Its a hard life for a T-rex

T-Rex Joke. I love the smile the poor T-rex has when he realizes he CAN play the ukulele!

awesome / terrifying game slenderman serial killer horror fun

Can't tell if I'm Satan or a brilliant genius.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ^^the thing is I saw no state puffed marshmallow man from ghostbusters in this pitch. Until this or the slimer is added I'll have to refrain from this game. Even though it does, in fact, sound amazing.

"If one more Zubat tries to f'ing battle me, I am going to chuck my gameboy at the wall!"

-Zubat prostitutes everywhere (If you've ever played any pokemon game you know the moment you step into a cave your going to be covered in zubats (and the zubat prostitution continues))