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Frank Iero   perfection exist.

Frank Iero, Gerard Way and Billie Joe Armstrobg: perfection exist.

My Chemical Romance, music, frank iero

My Chemical Romance, music, frank iero<< Wow now I see that im higher than Frankie😂💕

I'm trying not to make weird fangirl noises on the bus to school AND THIS ISN'T HELPING BECAUSE HE'S SO PRETTY

There are so many emotions one frame o… Random

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero. When i grow up I want to be nothing at all.

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero.<<< When I grow up I wanna be Frank Iero tbh (Im aware that that was the lyrics to a song btw)

He's so gorgeous omg bless him (more because he's already blessed )

He looks so dead, but i guess that is appropriate considering the black parade is dead ( pun intended)<<<he isn't dead he just looks that way (BOY DIVISION BITCHEZ)

frank iero

I never know if I should pin FIATP stuff to my mcr board or not because he's his own band now, but it's frank!

Frank lero = my chemical romance  I miss the mcr days!

Frank lero = my chemical romance I miss the mcr days!<< am I not allowed to enjoy a photo of frank iero yoU LITTLE FUCK

Stephen  (Frank Iero): There I was again, knowing full well what I wasn't, but not at all what I was.

Frank Iero and his amazing gloves>>>and his amazing eyes