TV is of the DEVIL to program you. That is why it is called tv programming. Wake up!

Dr Sebi cured AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes!!! Where is the media coverage of this…

Dr Sebi cured AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes! Where is the media coverage of this man's socalled death/passing AND of his extraordinary healing. The wise among us know that there is so much more to the story and the little information that has been released

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Sure, when a building falls down from a plane hitting it, the plane had the ways and means on it to select various key points on steel beams to be cut, and those abilities originated in caves in Afghanistan.

Mothman Sighting in New York just before 9/11

This picture was taken on at Ground Zero and has been the subject of great debate - some attribute it to "Mothman." I don't know what it is but it is creepy and, as yet, unexplained. If mothman is a harbinger of destruction, this thing fits the bill.


This is what a true hypocrite looks like. The wonderful Gabby Gifford. Even so, no justification for anyone to shoot her.

Gun ownership and homicides in other Nations - Conceal & Carry Network Forum

Steve Reichert Gun Rights Meme. K, let's break down this piece of ignorant, easy-to-fact-check-but-dont-if-you-luuuuv-yer-gun-cuz-youll-get-mad piece of b.

Best idea I've heard all day.

Ethel Rosenberg's murder is one reason I don't even agree with the death penalty--except for now.

I tell you what to think. Turn me off. WAKE UP, World!! Get over yourselves and get out of denial. Some of us are beginning to look so pathetic. Really?

TV, music and social media is not God, unplug from such things and plug into Christ and the bible

Presidential Election ~ The Bilderberg - Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, & David Rockefeller (google = Bilderberg)

Presidential election

Funny pictures about Presidential Election. Oh, and cool pics about Presidential Election. Also, Presidential Election photos. Illuminati Elite rule the world with its sick agenda (NWO, Satanism of Illuminati Elite  their Mind Controlled celebrities via CIAs mind control programs spread out Illuminati propaganda to us) Illuminati Elite controls almost everything, also governments/presidents! WAKE UP!!!!!

5 tips on Spreading the social media virus