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RIP Officer Rocco of the Pittsburgh Police.  EOW 10-30-2014

"You'll Meet Me In the Light" Beautiful poem about dogs in Heaven

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Rainbow Bridge https://www.facebook.com/crossingoverrainbowbridge http://thecaninecommunityreportersnews.com/get-help-now/

Rainbow Bridge - When we picked up my dogs ashes after her death, they also sent along a copy of this poem. I can't wait to cross Rainbow Bridge!

So many WONDERFUL pets are giving their lives waiting for a person to love at shelters. Be their hero, be their person! Adopt a shelter pet!

A dog's last will and testament. Oh my gunner was the best thing I ever did. He didn't look like much at the time but man did he ever steal my heart! Makes me sad that one day very soon I have to say goodbye.

'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty-

'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty- SO TRUE! People without animals just usually don't "get it"

Dogs never really die... (Ouch my heart, my lab had a big tail and my chest hurts so...)

this is amazing and something that just out my heart at ease being that my beloved Jotters just crossed that rainbow bridge tonight.she is sleeping in my heart right now!

Good Old Dog....RIP CHELSEY MARIE.,..1999-2013

good old dog ~ oh my I actually cried. Your pace is slowing, time is wearing thin, You won't be here for long - Old Dog I'll miss your grin. But before you go there is one thing to say, Old Dog, I Love You and I'll miss you the rest of my days and it's


Our fur babies are never.JUST A DOG.THEY'RE family, best friends! just a dog makes me look forward to home. Just a dog makes me feel loved. Just a dog makes me want to keep going and not give up in discouragement. They're more than just dogs to me.

Sometimes all we need is a dog

No one listens to you like your best friend. No judgement, no advice, just someone you can pour your heart out to.

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:( but so true <3

A Dog's Last Will and Testament - "When I die, please don't say I'll never have a dog again.choose a lonely, unloved dog and give him my place.

Wake up people ! They're beautiful companions

Stop Animal Cruelty Now! Although I totally agree with the "Stop Animal Cruelty Now" part of this, I don't think that the comparison to "just a human" is fair because there are so many good people who do good things.

So God made a dog

so God made a dog." ~ Great quote for a page about a woman's (and man's) best friend!