I love the warmth and colour of the Bohemian style...it seems to capture the essence of the designer's soul #bohemian ☮k☮ #boho

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I bet you could create that canopy with pvc pipes or dowels and wire. Hand then from the ceiling and drape the fabric.

great idea for a kid's space. even if you don't have kids it's a great space to create for neices, nephews, grandkids or friend's kids. well worth the effort and will always make the little children in your life feel welcome in your home.

love this bohemian style

Hippie bedroom decor accentuates the youth and Hippie home decor originally comes from America, thus it is also called Boho bedroom design

And helped us clean our rooms.

15 Reasons We Love Our Free Spirited Moms

Hippie at heart by All you need is Love

I love the colours/prints/fabrics. and that LIGHT! Add some fountains, wind chimes, tea and you'll have part of my dream back yard chill space :) gypsy tent

My Lovely Messy Homey Hippie Bedroom :) 43 Hippie Bedroom by media hippie room decor

Decor Awesome Hippie Room Decor Guitar Picture Wall Hat Necklace Photo Musician Frizzy Papers Strewn Handbag Glasses Flower Pots And Painting Girl Curtain With Pictures Of Flowers How to Make Hippie Room Decor Bedroom Online.

dormdesign:  apartment at the university of alabama(submitted by tiedyedvibes, thanks!)

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