for old, warped, defective cookware, use for "potted" plants: ideal if the pot already has holes in the bottom for drainage, but they can be easily added

I just can't get enough of the old pots as planters. I just love the country look! Can't wait to do this with an antique washing machine though. [as snow flies I look longingly at my gardening stuff. spring will be here soon enough I suppose.

add a bit of neon paint to a pot of succulents

Patio Pop: Neon Accents for Outdoor Rooms

Ikea pots and neon spray paint are the new dream team! Fun DIY with a spring/summer must have trend - love this and I already have the pots! I will do neon green to match my Luxembourg garden bench.


パーク ハイアット 東京(Park Hyatt Tokyo


How to grow tulip bulbs in a vase. Fill water in the vase to just under the bottom of the bulbs. You do not want the water to touch the base of the bulbs. Place in a room with bright, indirect sunlight and watch the bulbs grow! Roots will work their way down through the glass beads into the water.

How to grow tulip bulbs in a vase

Tulipes à l'intérieur Sweet! How to force tulips to grow indoors. I'm totally doing this! My forced bulbs have already started coming up, but this vase idea is so much prettier than the green plastic containers I have!


Master's Class: Working with Succulents

Succulent & Pebble Planter Table

Outdoor Lounge: Table Talk rubber tipped copper pipe sunk into a rock filled planter with glass tabletop