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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Gift for Dessert: Edible Icing Image of Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock by Edible Sheets @ Etsy -- just slap it on .

Snoopy time

Linus & Snoopy - happiness is a warm puppy and a warm blanket. Thank you Charles Schultz for Peanuts! It is amazing how relevant the humor still is today and I am loving how much my SON loves these cartoons!

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Happiness.... if Charlie Brown had a laptop in his lap in addition to his dog, this would be my life right now ((((snuggles with her dog))))

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Happiness is a snuggly dog                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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'Happiness is a snuggly Dog', Linus and Snoopy. Imogen's nickname is Linus and she loves nothing better than snuggling up with the dogs in their bed x