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tumblr_mpvga11gO11sn53h8o1_500.png (500×700)

Kim Jong-in

If there ever was a World War Kai's smile would be a deadly weapon

[SCAN/HQ] MID POLAROID CARD SET 43p (width 2000px) :: OliV*올리브

[SCAN/HQ] MID POLAROID CARD SET 43p (width 2000px) :: OliV*올리브

I'm like that too but as you get to know me I talk a lot….:)<3

I hardly talk anywhere,at school and at home the most,I just the reading and smart type of girl in my family.(I'm the only child in my family that LOVES to read books almost

Ça sera la suite de Réaction EXO alors vous pouvez encore m'envoyer d… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Réaction EXO N°2

Some idols have most bizarre habits that you wouldn't believe! From stripping their own clothes off while sleeping, to dancing in the shower.

Kai - EXO  OMG, why so cute?

exo EXO-K Kai exo k kim jongin jongin jong in kim jong in taogasm

How he can be so cute and sexy at the same time?? HOOOW???

nini on

This ash gray hair is really really a trend among exo members

Kai being cute <.<

Kai being cute <.

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I want to call this man Baby Baek but then I remember he's older than me and idk it's awkward

EXO KAI... OH MY EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY O___________________O -- previous pinner seems to like this gif

Kai wtf you think you're doing? Get back in your nappy before I slap you