Key Tattoo on Arm

{Quote Tattoo}, "Toutes les bonnes choses sont sauvages et libre" (all good things are wild and free) -Henry David Thoreau

camera tattoo

photojojo: “ Erin and Will showed their love for their cameras by getting these sweet tats. If only we were so brave. Do you have a camera-inspired tat? Just upload your photo, link back to.

too wierd to live too rare to die

to weird to live, too rare to die fear loathing in las vegas tattoo :)

Key Tattoo  Design-Nicole Sheffer  Artist- Jerome Vorndran   <3

Design- Nicole Sheffer Tattoo- Jerome Vorndran at Steady Tattoo

I don't believe in any sort of couple tattoos...but if I was FORCED to get one, this would be it.

Coordinating couple tattoos with boy and girl black line tattoo playing telephone with tin cans

Cool Matching Tattoos for Couples

Getting matching tattoos for couples is a big decision, and a permanent one. Here are some ideas to get you started with your matching tattoos for couples.

foot tattoo

50 Awesome Foot Tattoo Designs

Antique key Tat With my beau being a locksmith, I do take delight in keys and key related things. And even if I didn't, this is badass.

best tattoo...ever

Ahhhhh, I ❤ The Muppets.such an awesome Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem tattoo!

So well done  #lock #key #heart

Best Friend Tattoos Lock And Key. This is the only cute lock and key I've seen