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Pin for Later: Fun Facts About Easter's Fuzziest Figure Today, the nests have become ornate baskets, and children hunt for their treats, which are hidden by the elusive Easter bunny!


princess-peachie: “bunniesarethebest: “-batb ” Oh my god. This bunny is WORKING IT.

“tora1014:  あー、番組の録画わすれたー。   ”

Rabbits can go into shock if immersed in water. If you have to wash a rabbit, fill a bath/tub with about an inch of water. Put a towel in the bottom of the bath so the bunny has some grip.

Happiness is a basket of baby bunnies. (12/04/17)

Happiness is a basket of baby bunnies. (12/04/17)

Little begging bunny

So very very cute Please protect them - Don´t eat them! Don´t wear…