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Cult Of The Ancient Gods   The rebirth of the sun, from the Book of the Day, as seen in the tomb of Ramesses VI.

Ramses VI - Depiction in gorgeous golden yellow and midnight blue of the rebirth of the sun from the tomb of Ramesses VI.




rasarnava: “ Detail of wall painting in Queen Nefertari’s (wife of Ramesses II) tomb — the goddess Hathor holds the hand of the dead queen. Around her arms, Nefertari wears a piece of jewelry made up.

Tomb of Pashedu Deir el-Medina

Tomb of Pashedu, Pashedu was a "Servant in the Place of Truth on the West of Thebes". The tomb itself is probably dated to the early years of Ramesses II, so the deceased probably began working while Seti I was King.

Nut was the goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies, a symbol of protecting the dead when they enter the after life. According to the Egyptians, during the day, the heavenly bodies—such as the sun and moon—would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk, they would be swallowed, pass through her digestive system during the night, and be reborn at dawn.

Nut, Egyptian goddess of the sky, with the star chart in the tomb of Ramses VI. Human figures represent stars and constellations

Ceiling in the burial chamber of KV9, showing the solar disc on it’s cyclical journey through Nut:

Ceiling: burial chamber of (Ramses VI) showing the solar disc on it’s cyclical journey through Nut

Ancient Egypt: gold chair found in the tomb of King Tut

If this throne was built to the persons size-they had very long legs!Side of throne chair - lapiz lazuli inlaid into golden falcon wings.

Amenhotep III( grandfather of Tutankhamun )- History Forum ~ All Empires - Page 1

Egypt, Thebes (UNESCO World Heritage List, - Luxor. Tomb of Amenhotep III. Pharaoh and Ma'at. Vulture goddess Nekhbet grasps amulet in her claws for protection (Dynasty Amenhotep III, BC)

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Eyes of Horus and Ra. Two ancient Egyptian deities. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, royalty, and good health. The eye of Ra symbolizes good luck.

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star ceiling, Mortuary Temple o' Hatshepsut. Deir el Bahri, Thebes (Luxor), via INSPO

Egyptian Egyptian Art Eye of Horus Egyptian by NocturnalPandie

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Nut, the sky goddess of ancient Egypt

Nut, the sky goddess of ancient Egypt