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// Portrait of a Peul/Fulani man in Mopti, Mali | © Jean-Louis Potier

Peul/Fulani man in Mali. (My Mother's DNA traces to the Fulani and Hausa of Northern Nigeria) . this could be my cousin!

'Hamar Portrait, Ethiopia' (2012) by photographer Pascal Mannaerts. "The Hamars are a people of East Africa living in southwestern Ethiopia in a fertile area of the Omo Valley. The gracious Hamar women are easily spotted with their characteristic outfits." Image and quote via National Geographic

The Hamars are a people of East Africa living in southwestern Ethiopia in a fertile area of the Omo Valley. The traditional dress code for unmarried Hamar girls includes cowrie-shell collars, glass-beaded necklaces, and decorated goatskin.

Tessuti indiani: maestria artigianale e un trionfo di colori. Qui i segreti di questa tradizione che dall'India arriverà alla Mostra dell'Artigianato 2013.

Rajasthan holds a beauty which only a few cannot see. The vastness of the desert, the humble lifestyle of the villages and the rich culture they share is truly famous. Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India Photograph by Shivji Joshi, My Shot

Ethiopia, If you care about Tibet and preserve conscious cultures that won't harm the planet, sign this petition, http://www.himalayan-foundation.org/projects/tibetans?gclid=CMi4mszTubgCFUVnOgodxS4Aqg nfo@himalayan-foundation.org

Driving from Asmara-Eritrea to Addis Ababa-Ethiopia, we passed a group of women carryng their earthenware water jugs in their backs. This one had such beauty, rpide, and dignity in her face in spite of her clothing.

Steve McCurry. Kabul, Afghanistan

love that old gold color! - with blue and champagne and kraft -Kabul, Afghanistan,Steve McCurry


Africa Tsemay man at Key Afer a quiet village in Omo valley - except on Market day, Ethiopia © Eric Lafforgue

"Je donne partout où je vais, qu'il s'agisse d'un sourire, d'un compliment, ou tout simplement de ma pleine attention."

Beauty, Joy: Sister Angelique Namaika, a member of the Augustine Sisters of Dungu and Doruma, embraces a Congolese child at a site for internally displaced people Aug. 1 in Congo.