David Bowie

October 1974 - A Diamond Dog, without the bling. Bowie's most "normal" look of the decade would not have been out of place in “Idlewild” -- and wasn't at the Apollo.

David Bowie by Terry O,Neil 1975

Interview: David Bowie Exhibition London

“ David Bowie - Diamond Dogs, 1974 © Photo by Terry O’Neill Taken as a publicity shoot for the LP “Diamond Dogs”. As Terry started to shoot with the dog sitting quietly besides Bowie, it suddenly got.

David Bowie

After recording most of "Young Americans" in Philadelphia, the Diamond Dogs tour resumed as the "Philly Dogs" tour incorporating some of the new (as yet unreleased) songs, and with a much simpler stage

David Bowie and his ex-wife Angie with their son "Zowie" Bowie (now Duncan Jones) 70s.

1974 David, Angela & Zowie Bowie(now known as Duncan Jones director of the movie Source Code and Moon )

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David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust –photo by Mick Rock via The Selvedge Yard

RIP David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust video still from the song Is there Life on Mars? Photo/Video by Mick Rock and costume by Freddie Buretti,

David Bowie with his son Zowie (now Duncan Jones) 'When my son was very little, he used to call 'Rebel Rebel' 'Wobble Wobble'' - David Bowie.