Old West Cowboys And Indians | Cowboys, Indians and the Old West / Judge Roy Bean, Langtry, Texas

the legendary hanging judge, Roy Bean, Langtry Texas. Betrayed by Paul Newman in the movie The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

A penny farthing built for two...

Are they having fun? :) <> How'd you like to have to wear that lady's get-up when you jump on your bike? (vintage tandem bike, bicycle, whew) To those bike riding pioneers who worked the kinks out for us - hats off!

Abraham Lincoln Ghostbuster - La boite verte

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864

Buffalo Bill - Denver CO - 1880

Texas Jack Omohundro, Born John Baker Omohundro July 1846 Pleasure Hill, VA Died June 1880 (aged Leadville, CO, also known as "Texas Jack"

American Gunfighter Sometimes Lawman of the Old West, Shotgun Collins

Famous American gunfighter, sometimes lawman of the Old West - Shotgun John Collins

Texas Rangers

Make no mistake about this “Rawhide Ranger.” Though posed in a photographer’s…

Judge Roy Bean...Law West of the Pecos, San Antonio and Langtry, Texas. Then went further west to set things straight. Very interesting man!

Antiquen photo Judge Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos, San Antonio and Langtry, Texas, then went further west to set things straight.

Presidents of the United States of America. To quote the movie "American President" the presidency has everything to do with character. There are some real characters here.

Home is where your own president doesnt *&^% you over when you are innocent. The Presidents of the United States of America. Reminds me of grade when I had to memorize all of them to pass history class.

Martha Jane Cannary - Calamity Jane

Martha Jane Cannary b May in Princeton, Missouri, otherwise known as Calamity Jane, Scout for General Crook

General Custer with Indian Scouts in the Black Hills

George Armstrong Custer poses with his Indian scouts during the Black Hills expedition of The man pointing to the map was named "Bloody Knife," a member of the Cree tribe. Photograph by William Illingworth. (Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument