1950's style Jurassic Park art

Brandon James Scott - Pack Hunters - Jurassic Park is still one of my favorite movies

•°•✧the person who broke you can't put you back together✧•°• {↠mxsicandbands↞}

FEATURE: The Incredible Illustrations of Paris-Based Martinican Storyboard Artist Richard Méril (aka Rich'Art)

Alexander Fedosov es un artista digital e ilustrador Ucraniano con un portfolio pequeñito pero de una calidad espectacular. Los trabajos de Alexander están cargados de detalles, centrados en las formas humanas con toque fantástico y cargado de vectores.

Alexander Fedosov

The amazing work by Ukrainian illustrator Alexander Fedosov. Alexander's illustrations have everything I look for, they are incredibly well done with a really unique style and massive attention to detail.

Edward Gorey’s covers for Doubleday Anchor... - Austin Kleon

Edward Gorey, cover design for 'The Wanderer' (Le Grand Meaulnes) by Alain Fournier. Published by Doubleday/Anchor 1953

skull draw - Buscar con Google

Plate Vb Human Skull, engraving by William Miller after drawing by W. Miller, published in Engravings of the Skeleton of the Human Body.

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Francisco Leonardo simple line drawing is eloquent. Te minimalism of the piece is wonderful and it makes me want to experiment in this style

Liz Clements. Illustration

Liz Clements is a freelance artist/illustrator based in London. Her illustrations created with a soft pencil, depicting tattooed girls; Liz is well known for her stylized collection of tattoo inspired art & design.


Tékumel: The crippled Pavar, priest of Enome (Ksarul) contacts the Grey Lord Tham (Thumis), and with the remaining Lords of Stability soon thereafter.

La vida no depende de nosotros. Ni nosotros dependemos de ella. La vida depende de las muerte y nosotros tambien

Feminidad felina en las ilustraciones de Otto Schmidt

Graphic Art: Drawing - She welcomes Death as an old friend. His arms bear away her pain, and his kiss sends her soft and sweet to sleep.

12 drawing tips: learn better ways to draw from leading illustrators - Digital…

12 drawing tips: learn ways to draw better from leading illustrators - Digital Arts

La gerente de mercadeo, en la concepción de Malika Favre.

Bella ilustración - " Buenos Aires " Cover illustration for the Buenos Aires issue of SHOP magazine, from Pop and Swinging