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1936 Dobermanns, unknown location

1936 Dobermanns, unknown location

Você ama, a gente cuida. www.petcode.com.br #DobermanPinscher

Você ama, a gente cuida. www.petcode.com.br #DobermanPinscher

From the Washington Post:  "This photo from World War II's Battle of Peleliu is a favorite of former Vietnam dog handler Robert Kollar. To him there’s something about the handler, Marine Cpl. William Scott, and his Doberman pinscher, Prince, that captures everything about the bond between wartime handler and dog. If you look at the photo and let it sink in, you can see what he means."

‘Soldier Dogs’ and their handlers

World War II, Battle of Peleliu - Marine Cpl. William Scott, and his Doberman pinscher, Prince.

Dogs have served in combat beside man since the Egyptians. Shown here is the doberman pincher, the official dog of the U.S.M.C. during WWII.

WWII photo - Dobies were war dogs! "Andy", a Marine Corps devil dog, saved a Marine Corps tank platoon from annihilation on Bougainville. ~ Rescue a Dobie! ~ They will save your life!


soldiers’ best friends use their superior senses to detect roadside bombs in ways no sensor ever could.

...because I said so...

We honor not only those in the Corps, but also SAR Dogs, Police Customs Border Patrol Airport Police and other working dogs that protect us every day. They serve to save and they deserve to be honored, recognized and remembered- ♥

Cane corsos

i'm not really a Cane Corso person, but this is definetly "something wicked this way comes" not pits but still a bully breed