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True story

I asked my trainer which machine at the gym I should use to impress beautiful women. he pointed outside and said "The ATM machine"

Bible Quizzing!! :')

10 People You'll Meet Living In Freshman Dorms

So true with nursing school tests. But what study guide in nursing school?

they cannot lie....

yesterday I posted a picture of a kitten, that had 52 likes in 5 minutes. today I posted an article on government GMO's, 2 likes, one of them was me. guess that fluoride really is doing the trick.

This Halloween, I'm going as a Democrat. When the kids come to my door, I'll take half their candy and give it to those too lazy to go trick or treating.

Funny Halloween Ecard: Oh dear! I see you have too much candy. I'm going to take most of yours and give to the kids too lazy to trick or treat themselves.

Protecting Americans from Islamic terrorists isn’t just an issue of right or left. Unfortunately for Pamela Geller and the rest of America, the president has it all wrong.

Don't forget to spring forward this weekend, fellow Imgurians! :) - Imgur

Don't forget to spring forward this weekend, fellow Imgurians! :)

Oh my gosh! I love this movie! There will be so much more room for activities! I love the bunk bed part of that movie!

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After a point, you should just not have a status at all and save yourself the trouble of changing it so often!!!

Facebook Status Bracelets

Thought this was amusing the first time I saw it, then the next day had one of those days. :p

*Ever had one of those days that you feel you should have skipped the coffee and went straight for the liquor? Oh yeah!


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Funny Friendship Ecard: Pst, I know you don't like me but spy on my status to talk shit behind my back! Glad to help bring some excitement to your boring life ;-) IDGAF!

HAHAHA - this is a pet peeve of mine. unless i/you totally screwed up the wording there is no need to resend the correct spelling.