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Have You Ever Been This Tired?

Awkward Cat Sleeping Position - The Drunken Radiator Just because you are obviously some kind of gin-addled hobo doesn't mean you can't be nice and warm.

Maine Coon cat kitten adorable gorgeous

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'Life is wonderful! Relax and take a breath.' - Relaxed Cat laying on a Bench

Lmao just imagine witnessing this.. Walking into a room with the toilet paper ruined and the cat is exhausted by it! Soooooooo hilarious

After a hard days work. - tired kitten collapses in exhaustion after shredding toilet paper - My Gizmo has been retired for shredding. toilet paper is now in the cabinet.

"An I want dat too."


Oh now that looks like a good idea for dinner tonight. And it'll only take 15 minutes! My cat lies like this - it's so funny!

Hey girls, I went to shopping today. Guess what I just got!.... Oh shit, wait. What in the  hell is doing this cat in the bag, and where are  my Prada shoes?!!!


Hey girls, I went to shopping today. Oh , wait. What in the hell is this cat doing in the bag, and where are my Prada shoes?

Idk what it is, but kitties love keyboards! Toulouse used to lay across mine all the time (usually when I needed to use my mac most)

Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

can't tell what it is

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