Razor, you dyed your hair for the RC. Did you use the blood of the guy you fought beside, who helped to watch over you when you came back from missions, the guy who was your friend?

Her pale complexion reminds me of book 2 Lara

I am her, Danna (rhymes with Hannah), rusted & weathered & loving fantasy, folklore, fables and...

Even if it costs me my life, I shall never surrender what is rightfully mine. Let the war rage till the victory is won. (Learn how to sword fight!

2013 Sainte-Dolorès pictures taken by Mlle Chèvre

Al right, this is Alimony, her hair is darker than the previous pictures show, her hair is supposed to be a light brown.



Leila Nda by Fabrizio Ferre Vogue Italia September 2015

Leila Nda, Sofia Tesmenitskaya, Grace Simmons and Yana van Ginneken in Vogue Italia’s Haute Couture Supplement September 2015 “Valentino Haute Couture” by Fabrizio Ferri

** holliday grainger myrcella baratheon got caps a lannister despite her name this looked so much better in my head but what can u do