Cute | Look at the moose closely. It's covered in stitches. This has happened before. She knew what she was doing

Destiel au where Dean and Cas have a daughter. Dean is having nightmares and she comes to wake him and calm him. Omg feels go home i can't But is no one gonna talk about the stuffed moose?

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I'm sorry but that is one sexy impala. And dean's like oh he'll no is my baby a dude!

The Couch and The Others by ~ste3o on deviantART

The Couch and The Others by on deviantART Destiel ❤️ Sabriel ❤️

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nyranor: “   HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here are Sam and Gabriel being adorably silly to brighten your day evening. :) ” OH MY GOD THIS IS BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU!!!

domestic sabriel XD Gabe would be me right there except is be leaning forwards with my heads on a girls shoulders screaming bloody murder

Day 7: Cosplaying (Sabriel version) by on @deviantART

Previous pinner: Day Cosplaying (Sabriel version) by ~Nile-kun on deviantART

This is the reason why supernatural has lasted so long, it gives the viewers feelings that go above and beyond than what any other show does.

Gabriel seemed to have been very close to his brothers once and just wishes to spare Sam the same pain he went through. As an immortal his morals got a bit messed up, but he only meant to help.