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The colours of the solar system's innermost planet are enhanced in this tantalizing view, based on global image data from the Mercury-orbiting Messenger spacecraft.

View larger. | Eliot Herman in Tucson caught Aldebaran and the moon in daylight, just as the star was about to disappear behind the moon's disk.

On Sunday, as seen from North America, the moon "occulted" or passed in front of the star Aldebaran in daylight. Many then saw Aldebaran near the moon Sunday

Clearest pic of mercury   Amazing planets

This colorful view of Mercury was produced by using images from Messenger's color base map imaging campaign which enhance the chemical, mineralogical, and physical differences between the rocks that make up the planet's gray pock-marked moon-like surface

Giant solar flare captured in UV light by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory satellite on January 23. Credit: NASA

Massive Solar Eruption Sends Particles Earth’s Way, Polar Planes Rerouted. A powerful solar storm that unleashed a coronal mass ejection toward Earth in the early hours of Jan.

The universe is not infinite

The universe is not infinite

Funny pictures about The Universe Is Not Infinite. Oh, and cool pics about The Universe Is Not Infinite. Also, The Universe Is Not Infinite photos.

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Niku, A Mysterious Object Beyond Neptune, Is Traveling In The Wrong Direction

Perspective in space.

Perspective in space.

Perspective in space proportions - just when you thought you knew how vast the universe was./ Cosmos / Universo / Milki Way Galaxy / Earth / Solar System / Universe / Galactic

NASA and USPS team up to celebrate our solar system and the great New Horizon's flyby of Pluto with new 2016 Forever stamps. Photo: NASA And USPS

New postage stamps celebrate NASA, Pluto, the planets and Star Trek


NASA’s Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry, and Ranging, or MESSENGER spacecraft has been studying Mercury in unprecedented detail since its historic arrival there in March

ceres - Startpage Afbeelding Zoek

ceres - Startpage Afbeelding Zoek

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aarde - Startpage Afbeelding Zoek


Texts and descriptions are fine and dandy, but to see planet Venus for what it is is another thing altogether. Enjoy these pictures of Venus.

Single highest resolution photo of earth.  Courtesy of

This magnificent image is a portrait of the Earth taken in one single shot. At 121 megapixels, it is the highest resolution image of the planet ever and was taken by the geostationary Russian weather satellite the Electro-L.