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Guajiro. Valle de Los Ingenios, Cuba

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Guajiros planting tobacco. #Cuba

What comes to mind when you hear Cuba? Perhaps it’s a bit of everything, but most probably it’s the iconic Cuban cigars.

Calle de La Habana Vieja / Street in Old Havana

havana, cuba Some people may call Cuba poor or ugly. But at one time Cuba was BEAUTIFUL. The architecture the cars the clothes, it was all elegant and sophisticated. There are worst places out there!

Jose Marti's tomb, Santiago de Cuba - Jose Marti was a key player in the liberation of Cuba from Spain in 1868 only to have it fall in the hands of the Communist Party in 1959! (Marti would be turning in his grave if he saw the devastation and poverty Castro and the communists party have brought to Cuba with their GREED)

Sometimes called the Apostle of the Cuban Revolution, José Martí was born in Havana in Poet and journalist José Martí spent his short life fighting for Cuban independence.