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Why Spider Man can't go shopping (gif)

Funny pictures about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe. Also, Spider-Man's Ultimate Foe.

Batman discovers Superman's true identity thanks to his detective skills... but Superman has other means of doing so with Batman. A comic by Julia Lepetit and A

Batman's vs. Superman's True Identity (Comic)

batman-vs-superman-true-identity-comic-strip lol not xtrayvision just rip off his costume!

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This is how I see Batman. Bruce Wayne is just a cover up.a mask Batman is truly his identity. Other heroes can't touch him. Batman is THE hero he's my hero and always will be! Batman is always on top, He is BATMAN

That's video game logic for you

Video game logic LOL it's funny cause' it's true. The little things that make video games so so funny LOL again

batman jokes | Tumblr

Funny pictures about Batman's day off. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's day off. Also, Batman's day off photos.

Bahahaha, oh my gosh xD

This is why I love Spider-Man

Funny pictures about Spider Man being awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Spider Man being awesome. Also, Spider Man being awesome.


Loki, like Edna Mode, (The Incredibles) knows the secret weakness of all superheroes: Capes.

Donald Trump would deport this joke

In Esmeralda's scene there, she gave an old man a lap dance and it made him want to rape and kill her so he blamed her for his ungodly thoughts