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1976 wedding - All those daisies and hats!!

1976 wedding - My aunt and uncles wedding. I swear it seemed cool at the time.

70's Prom scene...<3

Somebody's Prom, 1973 Nailed it.

70s wedding

Today's Harvest!

70s wedding

God bless the 70's

Funny Wedding Pictures: 14 More Ceremony Moans & Grins

Well, this bride was not afraid to incorporate some style into her groomsmen's attire. We're going to guess that this may have been considered "fashion forward" in the

Bridesmaids of 1960s

47 Glamorous Photos Show That Bridesmaids From The 1960s Were So Pretty

That's what bridesmaid looked like in the

1975 6-28 The Wedding - Thomas  &  Rosemary Banakis 020d

28 Jun 1975 ~ Wedding of Thomas & Rosemary Banakis

70's! Wedding style! OMG this looks just like one of my Mom's wedding photos! Seriously! And I LOVE it!

Many pictures of wedding hairstyles including brides, grooms, and bridesmaids. We also have other helpful wedding tips and hairstyles how to information.

1970's bridesmaids - hair hat flowers and make-up

bridesmaids - Rainbow colors and hats!

Something about the hair and the hats.

Welcome to my as if pink layered dresses weren't enough, add huge ridiculous hats in the mix.

1986  Robin Hanger’s wedding day there’s no doubting we’re in the 80′s here, kids.  We’re talking big hair, a bigger veil, puffy sleeves, and the tannest skin you’ve ever seen. It is fantastic. I know you will enjoy these! Photographer: Russell “Rip” Payne Collection.  Rip Payne was a photographer in the Charlottesville from the

Rip Payne was a photographer in the Charlottesville from the

Tom&Libby2.jpg 494×391 pixels

Tom&Libby2.jpg 494×391 pixels

1980's wedding ~ sea foam green bridesmaids

1980's wedding ~ sea foam green bridesmaids

1960 school | http://your-cartoon-photo-collections.13faqs.com

Back-to-school dresses from Yep, I totally dressed like that. We girls were never allowed to wear slacks until I was in high school.no matter how much of a blizzard we had to walk to school in dresses.

The Look of a 1970s Wedding

The Look of a 1970s Wedding

1972 --------guy's hair, girl's dress (high neck and long sleeves

Vintage LAURA ASHLEY Romantic Victorian Edwardian 1970s WEDDING Dress Sz 8 / 10 | eBay

Laura Ashley Casual Maxi Original Vintage Dresses for Women

Vintage 1970'S Wedding Gown Bridal & Matching Head Bow. Empire Waist

Wedding gown/ bride look - lace sleeves, long hair, Juliet cap and veil.