kippery: “ Valora and the Victories - introducing Vicky, Valora and Victoria or something ahah I just wanted to do some character designs nananana :B ” Kippery is amazing!

had more then a couple nights like this, like that giant punk rumble in Brooklyn after the free store haha! My ex looked like 2 face from batman for about a month!

Miles and Valora by Stephanie Pepper Forsén Forsén Forsén Albatross and Lawrence Ghini perez Rabbit

HAPPY HALLOWEEN by UrsulaDecay on @DeviantArt

from Ruca and Glam Ruca as her self no costume obv lol and glam as a wickeed witch! glam belongs to Munrou check her out if you .


rebellioustroll: so i made a pastel goth girl oc she’s so sweet<<<gredit to her! I love her art so give it lots of stars!*pins, I forgot I'm not on flipnote hatena.