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Microsoft Surface Dial

The genius of the Surface Dial is that it allows you to be more productive by giving your other hand something to do.

Source: minus-nothing

Source: minus-nothing

diary of a designer : Photo

This might be my favorite speaker design EVER. Perfectly minimal in pure white or black, the geometrically simple design features fine fabric between two plastic surfaces.

Source: minus-nothing

favd_plus-eks-November 23 2016 at

plllus design

uplight LED indicator cast on ribs

huestockholm: “ N U Y N . - Amphi. ”

There was this round pan called 'wok' which is used in chinese cooking. due to the round shape, woks are impossible to use on inductions. This is the background on this wok compatible induction design.

Design3 / LG Electronics / NeoChef / Microwave Oven / 2014-2015

get inspired by these innovative details, good design is also a good teacher, it conveys designer's attitude and faith both loudly and silently

Selection of Book Designs, 2010

Selection of Book Designs, 2010 by Wang Zhi-Hong Studio, via Behance

3036474-inline-i-2-an-earpiece-that-tunes-out-your-annoying-boss.jpg (1000×906)

industrial design, product design, form, colour and materials - images to inspire

ivation bedside lamp - Google 검색

ivation bedside lamp - Google 검색

Domino Memory Stick 2009 on Behance

Domino Memory Stick by Cloud And Co


Enabling more success with broad design management support - Noto

Menu Bath Tissue Holder

Bath Tissue Holder

The Toilet Roll Holder is designed in a simple and recognizable style. It is rounded and soft in expression, while still being visually strong, iconic and mascu


Business development through vertical integration and expanding the product portfolio

CRAB on Behance

CRAB on Behance