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What are we but ghosts to these walls?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act scene iv (original photograph by Malbork)

architecture-capital-chandeliers-details-Favim.com-3933551.jpg (610×745)

architecture-capital-chandeliers-details-Favim.com-3933551.jpg (610×745)

"Not now." I laid on my bed, away from Minette and Mary.  "Aye, I suppose you'll need your beauty rest." She straightened my night gown and laid something warm over me. Minette kissed my cheek, and Mary followed. As Mary rose, a tear dropped down from her and hit my sharp nose. They walked out, but when I turned to say good bye, the door was shutting. What Minette had covered me with was not a blanket, but a cloak. On my bed lay Mary's Sunday best. A good bye and a disguise.

Isabella, like her brother, is haunted at night by demons who “claw” at her brain


‘Penny Dreadful’s’ Reeve Carney discusses playing Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray