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Sony World Photography Awards 2016 - Premio L'Iris d'Or: "Fire of Hatred", por Asghar Khamseh

Fire of Hatred: Shirin Mohamadi was then attacked with acid by her suitor. Shirin lost her right eye, nose, one of her ears and her mouth was damaged severely. Other parts of her body were burned deeply, 2012 - by Asghar Khamseh Iranian

Where are the Liberal Women's rights activists when it comes to Islam???

Domestic violence - Irum was burned on her face, back and shoulders when she was 18 years old. A boy she rejected for marriage thew acid on her in the middle of the street. She’s had 25 corrective surgeries since.

«Second Best», Δανία. Φωτό.: Nikolai Linares

Sony World Photography Awards 2016 Winners- Professional sports category. Second Best, by Nikolai Linares, Denmark, Daniel Heinze.

Inspirational: Acid victims Silvier Nambirige,  Gloria Kankunda, director of the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence (CERESAV), and Linneti Kirungi, in Kampala, Uganda

Brave women who have survived acid attacks in Uganda

Inspirational: Acid victims Silvier Nambirige, Gloria Kankunda, director of the…

Bill Aims to Criminalize Fathers who Fail to Support Children - HB 6079

Australia and the Philippines have a reciprocal arrangement whereby a child-support assessment raised under Philippine law can, in theory, be enforced against an Australian resident.

Pedro Díaz Molins es uno de los ganadores de la categoría "abierta" de los Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Sam Delaware, from Maine, U., won the youth portraiture category for this simple portrait of his younger sister Sarah, taken last December

In the lush, green forests of south western Ethiopia, disappearing tribes live in their timeless grass huts. The Surma people, made up of the Suri tribe and the Mursi tribe, are known for their impressive lip discs, a sign of beauty and status for the women. But extreme drought, building of dams and the establishment […]

The Surma People: Tribe with The Most Extreme Body Art

The women of Naregeer village in Ethiopia& Upper Omo Valley are known for their lip plates and intricate scarification patterns on their skin. The women and children often adorn themselves with white clay patterns and flowers on their head.

Woman Roughly Drags Swan Out Of Water By The Wing For Selfie There are mixed reports as to whether the bird survived.

Woman Roughly Drags Swan Out Of Water By The Wing For Selfie

Woman Roughly Drags Swan Out Of Water By The Wing For Selfie There are mixed reports as to whether the bird survived.

Two young Iranian women sport Louis Vuitton-inspired headscarves. The country has also seen a surge in fake designer goods, from Louis Vuitton smartphone cases to colourful, sequin-covered scarves and chadors

Extraordinary photographs reveal the true face of women in Iran

Iranian young women with louis vuitton scarves, central district, tehran, Iran on September 2015 in Tehran, Iran.

Foul Play or Natural Causes: Things to Ponder About Justice Scalia’s Death - YouTube

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia speaks at a Reuters Newsmaker event in New York September Scalia on Monday escalated a war of words with a prominent appeals court judge, saying the judge lied in a recent criticism of Scalia's judicial

We recently put out a call to the public to send us what questions still remain about the Flint water crisis following our MLive investigation. We found that many readers still had unanswered, critical questions.

9 questions about the Flint water crisis answered

Emails Show Flint Govt Bought Clean Water for Themselves While Residents Drank Poison for a Year

The Rajastani Man (pictured) has a unique moustache and brightly coloured turban and poses for Mr Khimushin who said the picture is one of thousands in an archive. Only two to three hundred images are being used for The World In Faces project

Michael Oryem poses with two elephant tusks that he helped the Ugandan army recover from the Lord’s Resistance Army, an armed group that’s deeply involved with central African elephant poaching. Photo: Brent Stirton, 2nd Prize, Nature Stories,  the 59th annual World Press Photo photography contest.

Nature, Second Prize Winner, Stories Ivory Wars by Brent Stirton / Getty Images for National Geographic A Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) fighter holds two ivory tusks. Ivory is a means of financing the LRA and is used for both food and weapon supplies

Norm (pictured with most of his children at back of group) relocated to Ohura from Auckland, and is the father of a large family

Meet the residents of the tiny 'ghost town' in New Zealand