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Αν φύγεις εκεί που η θάλασσα σμίγει με μουσικές και με φώτα   να θυμάσαι κάνει κρύο σ’ αυτό τον παράξενο κόσμο   δεν έχω τίποτε άλλο, μόνο δάκρυα   που παίζουν με το μουσκεμένο φως του δρόμου [Αισθηματικό Τραγούδι] Του Νίκου – Αλέξη Ασλάνογλου

This photo is luminous because the lights on the buildings illuminate the city even through the rainy weather. Elements include pattern, depth of field, color and open composition.

the Barbra Streisand one is my favorite. So casual...

Vinyl Faces…

Funny pictures about Vinyl Faces. Oh, and cool pics about Vinyl Faces. Also, Vinyl Faces.

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Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.Just a 20 pluviophile loving life Check out my personal.

Bostonian Resolution

Taking my own photographs of Boston to expose the charming, historical, and epic city she really is

12 Most Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights

12 Most Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights

View of Chinese Corner installation by artist Li Li and the support of Canton city at the Tete d'Or parc during the rehearsal for the Festival of Lights in central Lyon late in the night, on December (Photo by Robert Pratta/Reuters)

inside rainy taxi

inside rainy taxi