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Allah says in Quran : tell the truth even if it hurts your brother

Salaam means Peace and when Ender and Alai were friends, it meant more to him than almost anything else because he wasn't alone and he had a friend

Amazing Marks on Your Hands islamic miracle picture

Remember Allah.

Quran - When your heart feels restless, remember that; verily in the remembrance of God, do hearts find peace. (My favorite quote)

Path to Islam.

Faith in Arabic

Faith in arabic


Easy essay on islam religion Essay on Islam Religion. When we examine the more fanatic teachings of Islam, it is easy to read between. + All Islam Religion Essays: Judaism, Islam.


Maktoob, Arabic for "it is written"

Arabic Fairwell quote

Arabic Fairwell quote

Alhamdullilah : I can actually read this, Just realized that if I actually tried instead of just passing it off that I couldn't , I can! (if that sentence even made any sense)

and shall Allah respond your prayer

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Umar ibn Al-Khattab



Don't fall in love‬

Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation Amman Jordan

" Love" in Arabic calligraphy

SEVGİ " Love" in Arabic calligraphy

Labai Ya Hussein

Labai Ya Hussein

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The only One who will never abandon you is Allah SWT

half of me hates you, while the other is melting for you

Half of me hates you, while the other is melting for you.